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About Mind and Brain

Mind and Brain is an Adult ADHD and TMS outpatient clinic located in Hillarys in the northern suburbs of Perth. The idea of opening Mind and Brain in 2021 was inspired by a passion to improve access to mental health services for people living in Hillarys and the rapidly growing City of Joondalup.

At Mind and Brain, we prioritize referrals from our local GPs and provide compassionate, evidence-based care tailored and individualized for each person.

Please take time to read through our list of frequently asked questions that has answers we are asked most often when considering Mind & Brain as your TMS provider.


Adult ADHD

Our psychiatrist has limited capacity to accept new patients who are WA residents aged 21 to 55 for ADHD assessment.

Please read about our ADHD Assessment Process here.


We are currently not accepting new referrals for TMS treatment.